Monday, 10 May 2010


The workshop is as clean and sorted as I can get it with what little space I have.

The dining room table is full with forty years worth of accumulated tools, bits and bobs.

These Must Be Sorted.

Yet another day of parts. Housework cleared by 9, gardening for a bit before braving the Jobcentre where I signed off, and persuaded the clerk to let me fill in a form to sign off, instead of me paying for a phonecall tomorrow! The form will go up the stairs to the next floor and be dealt with tomorrow...job done!!
Then off to the dentist and hygenist- teeth there, no new holes and given the ok and wash and brush up!! Relief!!
More gardening after lunch in Mountain Man's greenhouse. Bliss.

I am sieving and digging in compost from the biggest heap. This is urgent as all the other bins need to be turned into that one as soon as it is empty, and I have a compost caddy queue at home waiting!!


hawthorn said...

aah, bliss - compost turning is a heady cathartic mixture of hard work and escapism - I love it! :)

Zhoen said...

Nothing like a good spring cleaning, for clearing cobwebs both metaphorical and literal.