Sunday, 16 May 2010


Herb Robert (wild geranium)
cultivated geranium

I had reasonable day at Brecon Craft Makers' Market. There must be somewhere that will work for pot selling. I know that things are tight now, but how come people will pay more, and buy two small sheep, rather than a small mug or jug or plate????

I must take time to look at markets in other places. I enjoy Brecon though....

I collected Mountain Man from the northern end of Mynydd Maen where he had been photographing ponies. We went to Merthyr Common where they had been bred, to show the photos to their previous owner. It was good to talk with him and his wife, talking ponies and people, weather and cooking and markets.

Talking and tea drinking until nearly 10pm!!


gz said...

Thanks for your suggestion Kerry. I haven't published as I couldn't just take out your address!!

soubriquet said...

How about just buying one small sheep, and a dish on which to serve it?