Sunday, 23 May 2010


byre roof
tollhouse doorstep, both at St.Ffagan National History Museum last week, after rain.
I have rigged up my waterbutt system, just needs connecting pipes and downpipes from the greenhouse gutters.....and some rain.....

Mountain Man commented last night that the weather patterns so far this year were as he remembered from 1976........

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soubriquet said...

1976, phew!
I was doing a final, late, teaching practice through June, roasty weather, drought, tinder dry grasses, embankments on fire, I was in a school with floor-to ceiling glass walls, facing the sun.
Kids, and teachers collapsed with heatstroke. We took lessons outside, under the trees, even in the outdoor swimming pool.
Back to college, in the evenings, then out on bikes down country lanes to old thatched pubs by the river. I remember... fierce sunburn! I don't think the winter leading up to it was so harsh though.