Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I was up at six, basic housework and breakfast done, lunch packed.
The greenhouse had to be opened a little and small plants brought out for hardening off.
Then on the road by 7,3o.

It takes about an hour and a quarter, give or take five minutes, whichever way I go.

I hate being stuck in jams, and I don't like belting along at 70mph whilst people whizz by.....

So after a quick two miles down the valley bypass (easier and safer to turn off it at the roundabout than to cross it at the same place) I turn right and go up a lane- 1 in 4 for most of its length...mostly it heads straight up the side!! The hamlet here is called Ochrwyth which means Left Hand Side. Which it is, as you go up the valley!!
My route takes me through lanes until I reach Lisvane village in the North of Cardiff,and small roads for another mile to the village of Llanishen. That is two thirds of the journey, but takes only half the time.

Then I have my first Official day of Being Employed!! Just two days a week- all he can afford and all I want , to give me money AND time to do my own work !
I just wish it came without the driving .

I arrive home at nearly 5.30 and feel drained. I ought to have a cuppa and do something....but time disappears and it is now 6.50 pm, time to think of supper and shutting the greenhouse.
I need to make a shelf full of small pots that will dry quickly (and hopefully sell quickly!!)

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