Friday, 14 May 2010


Didn't start well.
Half-woke early, felt drained until 7
Next-door neighbour runs a cafe of sorts, and wouldn't listen to why the bin men had left her bins. I made the mistake (there were a few of us out taking our bins back in) of telling her politely why they hadn't. She listened to that. So her and her daughter have been verbally unpleasant.
If you buy a property and run it as a cafe downstairs and a flat upstairs, you budget for waste disposal, and recycling and property maintenance. Running a flash car and going on holidays regularly and opening limited hours (10-3 and Saturday morning if you are lucky) doesn't add up...unless it is a tax avoiding ruse..... not that anyone will say any of that, to her.

So I didn't make any pots. But I did garden most of the day. Then I went for a walk halfway up the mountain with my Man.

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Zhoen said...

Some folks seem to miss the 'work' part of running a business.

Happy walking.