Thursday, 2 August 2012

back on the bike again

I did a circuit from Straiton today...10 miles in forty minutes, plus a stop for the picture above so that you can see today's weather....absolutely beautiful!!
The village cafe.
While I waited outside for the lunch we had ordered, the mobile fishmonger stopped nearby.   The village runs the community shop, and the post office calls there so we have a PO for part of the week.  There is a pub too, and a village hall.
Most importantly.....adorned with flowers, we have the village public toilets....
maintained by the village, not the council

Then back home to wrestle with a different system of transferring pictures...I've started using  a real camera for a change!


Zhoen said...

Sometimes the most important thing is the most basic. Nice when there are flowers, though.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had a few more of these village cooperatives in Germany: we have mobile bakeries and butchers, but very few cooperatively run local shops, or privvies.

Sometimes I miss things like this in the UK, but then I look at the (lack of) cycling infrastructure or training opportunities compared to Germany, and decide we're better off staying put.

yeractual said...

It looks like a nice village/area. Not one I know, sadly! But most agreeable, as they might say out here! Hope the run back South was okay. Maybe you should try cycling up there next time. Last time I was on a bike really, a few years back, I cycled from Bath to Arundel, along fairly level towpaths on Kennet & Avon when possible. A great, memorable run. I can still picture the route on tiny lanes and back-roads all the way. Most enjoyable. Maybe time to try another similar run, methinks. But the bikes are now in Sweden!!

Lois said...

Blessed public toilets, there when you need them. There are a whole slew of Victorian public toilets in the downtown area of the city I live in that were closed in the 1980s due to bad behaviour of users. I've seen photos, they are beautiful, more lost history.

red dirt girl said...

Lovely photos - you look happy and rested .... I'm so happy for you!!