Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Maybole is our nearest small town, blighted by the main trunk route to  Stranraer going straight through the middle, despite the bypass plans having been agreed four years ago.

Everything shakes as the monsters pass....

The Pirate likes to walk on the kerb side of the pavement when we walk, he insists upon that!!

Looking the other way, you see the Town Hall.

This was built in 1887, grafted on to a higher 17th century tollbooth tower which was once part of the town residence of the lairds of Blairquhan (by Straiton).

There is another old building at the bottom of the high street opposite the post office and that and many of the older houses along it are blighted by the heavy traffic.

Many of the roads around here are potholed and badly patched.    You would never believe that when Mr Macadam invented his road surfacing that the aim was then to have the roads in England as good as those in Ayrshire!


Kath said...

"Pirate likes to walk on the kerb side of the pavement when we walk together."

My husband does that too, I think it's very gentlemanly :-)

Anonymous said...

I prefer walking on the street side, although that's not a feature of Beautiful Wife's japanese culture so I had to explain wh I was doing it at first.

BTW; bypasses seem a lovely idea, but you generally end up with more traffic, not less as the faster roads make it easier to drive to places.

The bike shed said...

I've been away a while and am catching up - but losing the plot here. Have you moved or is this a holiday?