Sunday, 19 August 2012

steady progress

I'm slowly getting fitter- we rode round the local 10 mile time trial course together...after 2.5 miles I just sat behind on The Pirate's wheel!!  I was glad to finish...those who race will know what "pursuiter's cough" is like....lets just say I used more of my lungs than usual, which is good!!

Progress too on the downsizing of has been given and sold and sent to store, but there is yet more... It DOES look worse before it gets better....but at least we are down to floor level from shoulder level!!

Yesterday we measured our new home...incentive for The Pirate to Get On With It!!!!

It is an absolutely beautiful morning, sun, breeze, the second lot of washing about to go out....and despite that I've just got a midge bite!!!! Well, this is Scotland!


Mouse said...

You have shamed me. I shall get on my bike in Brittany. There!

Kath said...

only 1? LOL

We had a plague of mozzies after the levels were flooded.

yeractual said...

Hi GZ, Those pesky Midges get you every time. But don't forget they're much more voracious in the Islands!

soubriquet said...

De cluttering... I've started, but it's overwhelming.

gz said...

Mouse, that should be good for you- and useful too

Ian said...

I get pursuiter's cough from just climbing the stairs too quickly ;-)