Sunday, 5 August 2012

going up for a change

This morning's ride went up to Loch Bradan, now the water supply for Troon.
Home is at 150 metres above sea level (about 500 feet), and once we reached the main valley road  at about 110m, it was steady, but thankfully not constant climbing....I only walked two short stretches!!

"keep right on to the end of the road"...well, the metalled bit anyway.
We climbed up the bank a little way to see what we could see- the "lump" on the right is at 376m and was in the way!  You can just see the hills to the north of the road between Straiton and Dalmellington (once a coal mining town)
sheep....never stay and have their portrait taken!!
A pretty flower growing in the boggy ground...I'm sure someone can tell me its name....
Then an, scary!! ride back down the steep bits...and then we went straight on to Straiton and The Buck for coffee....and The Resident Dog decided that I wasn't to go anywhere...and placed her paw firmly by mine!!
The Pirate needed a few more miles under his belt but I chose to go back home..and arrived at the same time as today's rain showers..

Having recharged our batteries we have tidied more, found things that were being searched for and given away two good spare beds.
The rubbish bag is filling slowly and we can see more floor! 

There is still a lot to be sorted but we're seeing the light, thankfully.


Zhoen said...

Good to have a dog insist on being friends.

Cro Magnon said...

The Yellow Straiton Bog Wort perhaps?

yeractual said...

Looks nice around there, and dare I say it, not too unlike your old stamping ground in SE Wales. The plant is almost certainly (no doubt, somebody will correct me here!) Bog Asphodel. A pretty, vibrant summery weed.

Dru Marland said...

is it a bog asphodel? Looks a little unearthly with no leaves; apparently the Underworld has meadows of them where people who are neither good nor bad wander around forever. A good incentive to be either better or worse.

gz said...

Thanks yeractual and Dru. I did wonder, but I'd never seen one live!

Gerda said...

Naughty sheep. Beautiful photo's.
groetjes, Gerda

Julia said...

You know I LOVED the photo of the sheep, of course!