Friday, 24 August 2012

the Pirate moves!!

Rent paid, cottage checked and photographed, paperwork signed!!!!

Moving day Monday!!

Now to concentrate on the Straiton Fun Day tomorrow, day off on Sunday and start moving Monday morning.

Posting will be even more irregular, but we have progress :-)


Betty said...

Good luck with your move - hope the weather holds out for the fun day. Betty

Relatively Retiring said...

Every good wish for this awfully Big Adventure!

Mouse said...

I am so out of touch!

Tony Giles said...

Good luck with the move!

Ian said...

All the best for the move, enjoy the fun-day

Zhoen said...

Wonderful. Once you are done moving at least. Courage, then joy.

red dirt girl said...

(o) - i'm confused. is he moving towards you? or are you moving towards him? or is this a joint venture?

sorry. sometimes i'm really clueless.

my best for the both of you, regardless!