Thursday, 13 March 2014


 We walked a guid Scots Mile, in all...and saw an abandoned boat....the boatyards now have housing built upon them.
 Now this is for Soub to explain!!
 I love wynds...alleyways
  chimneys and the seagull hopes this lum wont reek!
 Town Hall....fantastic work on this building and many others in Ayr
 Just rewards!

 Typical dormer window shape here...

A good day, with plenty of sun!!

 We're paying for it today, with fog and mist but The Pirate has been doing his soul good with some digging!


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Susan Heather said...

On a trip "home" we stayed a night in a B & B in Ayr. Prior to leaving I used the phone and left my precious notebook with all contacts etc. on a ledge by the phone in the B & B.

When I got back to my parents house I wrote to the B & B but didn't know the address so drew a map on the envelope.

I got the notebook back.