Thursday, 27 March 2014

mugs! and progress

I'm gradually refilling my Etsy shop..its a job to find time to do everything!

The weather is gradually improving, so we are beginning to get lawnmowing and gardening work at last.
  Just as The Pirate's treatment moves to the next stage...radiotherapy. He did have the choice to stay on hormone therapy for life....
However the doctors' choice coincides with his...treatment aiming for a cure.
They plant the gold seeds that help the beams zap the correct place, next Wednesday. one other locating appointment, then he'll be off on his seven and a half week, thirtyseven, twenty minute dose treatments...Monday to Friday with weekends off.
Then carry on with the hormones for three years total. So roll on October 2016!!

We're aiming for the World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand in 2017....


soubriquet said...

All the best to you both.

You found a place to pot in yet?

gz said...

Not yet soub. some possibilities, but I must be is your place to pot coming along?

Lucinda Keller said...

These are so beautiful. Nothing better than a handmade mug!