Monday, 10 March 2014


The trials and tribulations....the car is now sitting in the garage waiting on parts on back order from Peugeot....the top strut plate is rather vital.  One is just hanging on by one bolt, the other is showing corrosion.    

So no car for a least.

Saves on fuel and if we need to go anywhere we can go by bike, walk or bus!

Thankfully we seem to be in for nearly a week of dry(ish) weather!!


smartcat said...

One of the drawbacks to rural living is the necessity for a car. Hope you have dry, good weather until the wheels are fixed.

farmlady said...

Wow! You have had an overwhelming time of it lately.
I'm sending some California sunshine to brighten your day, week or until you get some of your own.
Hope the Pirate is doing better and that things settle down for you soon.