Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The shop re-opens....and life

I'm gradually refilling my Etsy shop (see link on the right hand side).

Just as the postal rates rise yet again!!!   Wish me luck!!

I also need a computer geek HERE, not just three and a half hours away by road and on facebook.....I've been given another printer (one which doesn't bend the paper/card in processing) as the last one's brain went AWOL.

As I use Linux, instead of wundows or mac, I need a different download....but as it doesn't come via the Ubuntu software centre (but is still free) it is a bit more complicated (for me) to install....
I'm not brave enough to do this stuff!!!

Meanwhile the Pirate has had his "bits" scanned after having an infection there....painful and worrying...and his (Housemaid's!!) Knee.   All ok.  The worst part...the waiting....and nearly over.     His first "meet and greet" appointment at the West of Scotland Cancer centre in Glasgow (The Beatson) for his radiology is in a week's time.   We'll have a day out on the bus for free at the same time as his appointment isn't until 5pm.

The weather? Ah, the last year apparently ( not that we'd know by personal experience as we were in New Zealand)  and then it turned nasty and windy  and snowy...and even in New Zealand the snow damage on the Isle of Aran made the TV news headlines!!

The BDO Four Day Tour of the Northland is off and riding the first stage as I we would love to be there riding or even just helping. 
We're planning to be back there in 2017 for the World Masters' Games in Auckland....if not before!!!!!!


Carol said...

Wishing you all the best!!

My son is a big Linux freak - wish we lived closer.


d2eclaylady said...

Big hugs from the wife of a prostrate cancer survivor (10 yrs this year) [[[ ]]]

gz said...

d2eclaylady, thanks for the comment- we both very much appreciate that!