Sunday, 2 March 2014

not much progress

Perhaps I'm just doing too many things!

Keeping the Pirate from being "down",as he is at the most stressful time of his treatment.
Attempting to keep this place clean and (HA!) tidy...when we still have a row of buckets to catch most of the drips coming inside the front window....when we now have the laminate floor up to air...but the boiler STILL has a leak.....    Luckily we aren't doing the work or paying for it.  On the other hand, if it was our own house........

The rain it raineth every day, nearly.  It is most heartening to have a morning with sun, like today, and see that the water level in the fields is subsiding gradually.
We went to the Ayr Roads Club Hut today...I rode out, with a friend, and the Pirate rode home with him.  The Pirate brought his bike and the soup I'd made last night.
Only four others turned up, riding mostly from Ayr...everyone else missed a good lunch!....and a warm in front of the stove before a wet ride home.

Developing a series of cards, trying different card weights...I think I have the maximum weight that will go through the printer (as it has to bend).    Struggling to understand ANY graphics program....knowing what they call what I'm aiming for would help!
I think I have something to get things off the ground and hopefully bring in some income, but to do what I want I probably will go back to lino cut prints.
The Pirate has some tools for carving wood....I could try wood block.....


Relatively Retiring said...

Thinking of you in your struggles. That's a wonderfully warming fire.

McGregor said...

Here is a pebble in the pool - from the very cold Manitoba prairies - wishing you and the Pirate courage in the process of his treatments.
Curious about your cards and the paper choices. I do a little art book binding. (Mostly I write, though - about Scotland. ) Don't draw; never tried hand- printing. I make cards, printing on an inkjet printer that objects to the paper I use, even though the promise was that it would take thicker paper. I use St. Armand Papers - especially peat moss paper (check their website) to print photographs with interesting results and textures. Any chance of you posting an image of one of your cards?

(Got to your blog through Andrea Ingram - Island Crofters. I've been here a couple of times. Got to hers somehow through Scriptor Senex (maybe). Haven't commented on hers either, though I have stayed in her village. I like her humour. As I cannot keep to a few words, I don't comment on blogs unless I have something to say (or think I do, so my comments are a case of 'all or nothing'. It was your 'leave a pebble' that got me here, letting you know someone here reads your blog. Thanks. Take care, McGregor

gz said...

Good to meet you McGregor and thanks for your suggestions. Andrea's work is so good. Leaving a pebble or a stone is a good idea, keeps us blogging! Thanks to Zhoen at One Word for that.

So keep on dropping pebbles, even if you don't comment.

d2eclaylady said...