Wednesday, 11 February 2015

a patient patient....

The Pirate is trying hard to be patient....but having a short dose of the 'flu'...on top of his continuing really pushing his tolerance.

Definition of flu?   Put a $ or £20 on the lawn......if the answer is can't be bothered, it isn't "Man-Flu" !!

We've been collecting firewood to aid his recovery...a good bit of fresh air and I've been wielding the saw and doing the stacking.

We're discussing the effect of an untidy house on how we feel.   It just happens that we're in the middle of doing things that have been interrupted.
We could have somewhere constantly clean and uncluttered....if we chucked out most of our stuff and sat on our hands doing nothing..but that wouldn't be us!

The living room has been taken over by-
1. a large table of bike parts, being sorted for the next cycle jumble.
2. a table of my card printing and Etsy packages and art materials
3. a sideboard with printers and computer
4. exercise equipment ...we're not going out in icy, cold or wet weather

It is a mess....but it IS a positive mess!!


smartcat said...

((o)) ;)

Michèle Hastings said...

Sounds like our home! The pottery business takes over every room.

Fresca said...

A Positive Mess!
I like that. I shall call my table by that name too.

Cro Magnon said...

My people lived amongst clutter, and I have unwittingly continued the tradition. I could never see myself living in a minimalist, modern, tidy, clean, box. Clutter is comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the battle against the mess is unending. I work on the basis that as long as I'm clearing one mess at about the same rate that I'm creating another one then at least I can live with it. It's the messes with no end date that get me down.