Saturday, 28 February 2015


This morning we headed for Kilmarnock and The Pirate's old cheiropractor....we spent a quarter of an hour circling the town centre and lanes to find the place...well he hadn't been there for over twelve years!

Next time we go anywhere I will not trust his memory....roads and buildings change.... I wouldn't trust my own!! There will be Maps!!! (he says I'm cruel....mumble mumble....goes off in huff!!) ("mortally hurt"!...)(" but I guess I'll recover....." big sigh !!)

The treatment was good...diagnosing the damage of childbearing and being knocked off the bike and forty years of potting, and gardening too.
Next treatment in six months, unless I need more...I'm doing the right exercises and need to pay more attention as to how I sit, stand, drive....and get back to training with weights.

The Pirate needs to work on his wrists and ankles...we can do that together.
Getting back to potting will help, but still no hope even,of a workshop.
So will getting out and doing enjoyable miles on the bike...but at present it is raining heavily and blowing a hooley...60mph wind gusts are forecast tonight...
Not much hope with that!
There is a hope of a weather window after lunch tomorrow-here's hoping !

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Betty said...

I bet you feel great after your chiropractor visit - I had some treatment a couple of years back when I got back in my car after the first treatment I had to adjust my seat as I had 'changed' - the clunking and clicking of bones is scary but my goodness they do a great job! Betty