Friday, 20 February 2015

getting ready

More cards in production, looking forwards to the Craft Fair at Ballantrae on 28 March...

The Black & White images are coming along...but they are from Girvan!.
I'm only happy so far with three of those from Ballantrae.

We're suffering a bit from "Cabin Fever" is getting us down a bit, especially The Pirate.
What better reason then to go out in what sunshine we have, NOW !!!!

Hormone Therapy can bring depression....and influenza...and getting older....
The Pirate feels Sad.     Giving him plenty of hugs and getting him away from The Cabin !!
So, get the firewood in for later on (stove is ticking over nicely already), pack a bike in the car to give to a friend near Ballantrae and be off....and even if it rains, we'll get good photos!!

Keep thinking positive...In two weeks we'll be at the Scottish Potters' weekend get together.....I've just booked for the Kirkmichael Gala Day on May 30th.....  and a young friend of ours from New Zealand will be here for a few days on his travels as a WOOFer at Eastertide.

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Michèle Hastings said...

Dreary winter weather, ugh. Bring on some Spring! I am sure warmth and sun will cheer up your Pirate.