Friday, 27 February 2015

keeping warm and working

 We've been lucky to be able to forage for firewood, getting some beech..from a fallen tree that fell across the road a couple of years ago. All the really good stuff went, but we don't mind using smaller wood. It keeps us warm and doesn't spit like other wood!!  Better that we use it than see it just burnt or chipped by the roadside.

The trip to Ballantrae was worth doing, I've earmarked a couple of images to return to when the weather and light are better! 
You don't have to have bright warm sunshine...I've put some Atmospheric Ayrshire cards in my Etsy shop!
 and also some Spring Flowers to keep us hoping....
Yesterday's local foraging on foot didn't yield after ten minutes of sun, the wind suddenly blew up strong and chucked hailstones then snow at us!
I know you're supposed to do a minimum of twenty minutes walking a day...but I'd rather not do it in these conditions!!   Then five minutes after we got back home,the sun was trying to tempt us out again...ready for the next heavy hailshower!!!

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Cro Magnon said...

As long as one is promised a long hot summer, one can accept the cold winters; but this isn't always the case.