Monday, 2 February 2015

Old Photos

 With my father,riding a "Grand Prix des Gentlemen"...1972?   The one being paced had to be 40+ years old.  We rode as a two-up, taking turns. It was somewhere near Bournemouth I think.   The photo was taken by Jim Love of the Southern Paragon (and then Sotonia possibly) Cycling Club.
 In 1974 (or 75?) setting an allcomers' womens 1km standing start TT record on Meadowbank Velodrome in Edinburgh.  I was in the Welsh Team, up for one of the two yearly weekend international Grand Prix events.
Photo by Angus Fraser.

 Early 1980s,so after having two children....didn't realize how skinny I'd got then...and thanks to Nel Rann for the photo.
Then the Pirate himself, early 1990s, possibly the first time he went there on an early season training camp. He is wearing the strip of the Camberley Wheelers , a club that then joined with the Farnborough and District.

We both have a mountain of old photos and negs to go through and archive....

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Carol said...

These are wonderful - I so love seeing older photos on the blogs I follow!