Saturday, 18 May 2019

Back home

The  car handover!..thanks bro!!  I now have the same car,three years younger with a quarter of the miles on the clock
Then a long long drive home,nearly 450 miles. The drive was good, apart from getting round Bristol- thanks to an accident on the motorway, the section after our exit was closed and everyone had to go our way for a few miles. It was a relief to get to Wales.   We roll up through the Marches and rejoin the main north south , west coast route , west of Manchester.  Shorter than the motorway, less stressful, plenty to see and decent food stops!

Supper was at Tebay, as the rooks came home to roost
Its a good stop, being an independent services, selling local food and goods.
Back home again...

Too many other things to do...distracting from kiln mending and gardening and bike riding!

Today it has been raining softly and housework has been the order of the day with the impending visit of The Oily One and girlfriend. It will be great to see them


Joanne Noragon said...

How sweet to settle back in.

Susan Heather said...

Sounds good about the car - I like the colour.

smartcat said...


Zhoen said...

Nothing like rain to let me get the house clean and leave the garden be.