Sunday, 17 January 2010

busy day

Today I dealt with half a washing mountain and it was such a relief to have most of it dried on the line!

The bread dough was started after lunch, and this time I tried making a 'poolish'- like a batter with tepid water, yeast and half the flour in the middle of the flour in the bread mixing bowl.
That was left for four hours while we went to check the ponies.

One family group we found together where I had seen them yesterday at the northern end of the Common. The rest were in twos and threes near the southern end, and we had a good walk to find them. We left Twmbarlwm as it began to rain and the light faded.

By the time we returned to our village it was raining steadily, but up Mountain Man's lane I still had to follow the clear tracks in the ice that he had cleared with chains on the Landrover.

Now the bread is baking, and hopefully this looks an easier method with more leeway for when things that need doing turn up unexpectedly!!

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gz said...

this method seems to work for the bread- two successful batches so far