Tuesday, 12 January 2010


They do not listen.

You are borrowing my car.

There are weather warnings, start back about 4pm.

3.30, blizzards in West Wales.

4.oo blizzards in Cardiff

I tell them this, tell them the view from the traffic cameras.

Of course up in Tewkesbury they don't believe me.

They start for home just before 6pm.

7.30, not back, and no call to say how near they are....

No news may be good news, but a call to stop worries would be better


gz said...

they were back at 9.35 pm.
Many drivers were going far too slow, so compacting the snow and losing grip, and causing problems for those behind...they were stationary for well over half an hour just five miles away!
The driving skills seemed to be in inverse proportions to the value of the car...

Mouse said...

I agree! My trusty little French car is game for any snow that the heavens chose to throw at it and small enough to park in between the posh cars that the sales girls cossett and fret over.

Anonymous said...

Glad you commented an update! What a worry! All safe though :)

gz said...

Mine is French too, but not so little-
a Peugeot 405 diesel estate- nearly 284,000 miles and counting, and still doing more mpg than it is supposed to!!