Friday, 15 January 2010


On both Radio Cymru and Radio Wales, people have been recounting their experiences of previous hard winters.

1980s, 1960s, 1947, 1933, 1924....

Every one was remembered for being a Long Haul.

Valuable memories not only to be caught and recorded, but also to be learned from....being "old fashioned" has its merits. Having a storecupboard, an alternative source of heating and cooking , a Flashlamp by the door for walking at night or powercuts.

All little easy things that make sense but that seem to have been forgotten


Kerry O'Gorman said...

Oh yes, the good old days hey? I am so grateful for our big, faithful woodstove during these dark and wet days on the coast...keep warm!

English Rider said...

We all have those disaster preparedness supplies, in case of an earthquake.

Mouse said...

In 1963 I once woke up to find my long blonde plaits frozen to the window pane
The perils of plaits when staying in an aunt's caravan!
It was defintely a Laurie Lee moment!