Thursday, 14 January 2010

Snow andThaw

Pure as the Driven Slush!!! Indeed!

You can tell who has insufficient insulation in their roof space in the village-
It is those with a clean roof and a private snowdrift blocking the doorway!!

Last night the washing line was a soft thick white rope, and each and every roof had a topping of snow like the crust on a well risen loaf.

The sky was an eerie soft orange from the reflected street lights, showing how much light pollutes the sky instead of being reflected down to use where it is allegedly needed.

Some councils are beginning to turm street lights off between 11pm and 5am- high time I say!!
In other countries street lighting is limited to junctions- after all if you are driving, you have headlights.
It is being done as an economy drive, but now more people can see the stars, and birds live longer by not being forced to be on the go by artificial lighting.


Kerry O'Gorman said...

Here Here!! Save the birds!! About time isn't it?!

Mouse said...

In the French village the lights go off promptly at 10pm which catches out many an unsuspecting Brit taking a last walk with the dog. I lost count of the number of times The Ragazza and I had to feel our tipsy way home after an evening with friends, I even ended up lying laughing in a muddy ditch after losing my way once