Saturday, 23 January 2010


Why can't life be a little easier sometimes?!!

The kiln is SO near to being useable, but The Oily One wont help, and The Carpenter is busy signwriting in distant places.

My website is changing server, but I can't seem to access the account that has been set up for me.
The computer is a tool I need to use, but I do not find it as easy as it is supposed to be!!

The Jobcentre told me to go to a specific meeting, which I I have a nasty letter telling me off for not going, when I was ticked off as present on two occasions. Of course I get the letter on Friday evening when I then have to worry all weekend and waste more time and money sorting matters!!

The Oily One seems to be sulking- he needs to sell his cars, has had money given him to pay for the MoT test on one, so that he could sell it. Now he is saying it needs more work doing, and that he expects to be able to hang on and not sell until he can get the money he thinks it is worth.....
He has four cars, none of which now work.
He has no job
He has been spending money on fuel to travel a 120 mile round trip to help a friend with a car.
He is cluttering my house,workshop,garden and shed with his oily stuff....

I have had enough, but I do not want to be nasty. If I kick him out he has nowhere to go, and would end up on the streets .

He needs a large kick up the posterior, but I don't know how to do that in a constructive manner that would get him motivated.


Mouse said...

I sympathise. I spent the best part of 25 years with a man so stubborn he makes mules look compliant! Trying to get him to do anything was like trying to drag a dead donkey up Mount Everest, in fact it would have been easier to summit Everest with a dead donkey in tow! He is an ass! Always will be an ass. He has ass-genes!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Lol, Mouse! What I was going to say has gone right out my head now I read Mouse's comment! Just as well a more recent post tells me you are feeling better. Praps you should start leaving your laundry etc in his way, he might just decide it's worth finding a job and a flat of his own!