Thursday, 7 October 2010

Hay Today

Today for the first time I had to use headlights on the car as I started for Hay. Then over Llangynidr Mountain it was foglights front and rear going through the cloud! Down into the valley and I just left the sidelights on (it's a French Volvo....honest!!) Coming over from Llangors to Talgarth you could see that the Wye Valley was full of clouds of mist, and see the top of it 'boiling' in the sun.
By nine o'clock it had burnt away, but the locals were thin on the ground, and the Americans left over from the Ryder Cup were there in fair numbers, but not spending.

Total sales, two mugs, on their way to Pontypridd!!

However my weekly day at Hay gives me thinking and planning time. I am trying to work out how to price my work, as well as where to take it.

Not an easy task.

Meanwhile, Hay has some beautiful corners and lanes.


Zhoen said...

Darlin' sheepies.

soubriquet said...

You make some great pots, and I love those salt glazes, so here I am wondering why you persevere with Hay, it seems likely to cost you more than it earns?
If it were me, I'd be buying books there, fool that I am.

gz said...

I enjoy going to Hay!!
It has been good so far, I'm giving it until the end of the year, then I'll see.
Next week I can discuss with someone else who has been selling there for three years (buttons, sewing findings and patchwork) about the customer pattern over the year. It is a pity I missed the Hay Festival (May).