Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Today I have a meeting with an organization which helps small businesses-they are supposed to be helping them BEFORE they start....

but I'll see what they have to say anyway. Could be very useful.

Meanwhile I have a kiln that should have been fired last week and could have been fired today.

Everything seems to conspire to make progress slow.


Hawthorn said...

good luck - I tried that here, and they offered all sorts of guidance such as book keep courses, how to set up a business account, how to deal with tax. Things that I had already done, but to be eligible for the funds I would have to go through again, They also wanted us to participate in several mentor meetings with other new business beginners, fill in lots of forms, set targets and guarantees, we would have had to have our premises vetted, equipments valued, the list was endless, sort out business liability, arrange for public liability insurance - it just seems very long winded before any funds were even offered and in the end, we just went it alone.
hope you have a better meeting!

Zhoen said...

Sometimes life just says, "wait for it... wait for it... ."