Friday, 8 October 2010

wasted day

Today I lost my temper with The Carpenter and upset myself.

Why is it that people wont listen and get a move on with things unless I do?

Wouldn't it be easier just to do something small that I've requested, rather than leave me asking more than once...then accuse me of getting at you, and saying you want to be left alone.

I only ask when I NEED help. I do much more than other people would bother to do.

I like to be independent and get things done, but sometimes one cannot, without help.

So I have not cleared the untidiness in the workshop and got on with glazing. I have not gardened. I have done washing, drying and ironing- but that does not count!!


Zhoen said...

It sucks to have to rely on someone else to do something, because you can never make anyone else do anything. All you can do is provide (positive) motivation. Or get someone else more willing.

Hang in there.

Hawthorn said...

I know that feeling, of a cross outburst making you feel like the aggressor when all you needed was the room to be tidied/clothes to be put in the wash/shoes put away etc etc but when you feel to have asked so many times that you sound like a stuck record - then you blow - then feel bad.... I know how you feel xx