Sunday, 17 October 2010

Kiln Opening

Still no lead, so no photos yet!

The kiln fired well! Only two slight seconds, one of which will do with a bit of rubbing down.
The other I blew too hard and too soon to clear piercings in a candle lamp! (so the glaze is thinner there but ok)

So here is hoping that Form will like some of them and that I can sell the rest quickly!!

Off for a spot of weeding before lunch, meeting a sports physio friend whim I see too infrequently, then on to the South Wales Potters' AGM.....I want to meet the potters, but I could do without the meeting!!
Having been on the committee of North Wales Potters for about ten years, including being treasurer for eight, and treasurer of the Aberystwyth International Potters Festival once.....
I know that organizations need organizing, BUT!!!!

Still. it is a bright, crisp, cold day so let us enjoy :-)

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