Monday, 4 October 2010

holiday's end

The break was greatly needed, and it was lovely to get back to a decent bedtime with less traffic noise and fumes, followed by nice early mornings.
The Twins are good and growing well, three months old and the next step is Teeth!

Daughter and myself went down to Pembrokeshire in convoy, and at our friends we met a baby girl (and parents!) who was born the day before the Twins, in John Seymour's old home. (he of Self-Sufficiency fame).

At the end of the afternoon Daughter went back north and I headed east, via Carmarthen, Llandeilo and Brecon to home. Shorter than the Motorway route and much more enjoyable.

Unfortunately the Carpenter and The Oily One had the house in a worse mess than usual.

If I could, I would have gone elsewhere

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Jo said...

Oh dear. Glad you had a good time though