Saturday, 2 October 2010


I headed to West Wales after the market at Hay.

I'm staying with Daughter and family for a much needed break, which includes babies-sitting The Twins and helping her photograph pots.

At this moment they are out at one of the village pubs, which is to close soon.

At least it has another and a garage and a shop/post office as well as a school and a book publishers. However it has just lost its pharmacy/equestrian supplies and you can see where at least half a dozen shops have been turned into houses over the years as work in the area declined. I think that the woolen mill last worked in the late 1960s.

Tomorrow we go visiting friends in Pembrokeshire before I head back, hopefully re-energized and inspired.


Zhoen said...

Pot photos soon, yay!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

sounds like the community has changed, rats!

gz said...

Z, patience!!!!

G, I've since found that the pharmacy is carrying on, and the pub is trying to get new tenants- but this is difficult, apart from anything else, both 'locals' are next to each other!!

The problem is that people are not thinking local any more. Supermarket pharmacies are easy to get to, or are near work- which isn't in the village any more. For a long time, not just in the present economic conditions, people have gone for the (apparently) cheapest option without thinking of the consequences