Monday, 29 November 2010


Can't live with them....can't live without them....not if you are a potter.
I have been requesting The Oily One to service my car for a month.....the result was that when I went to start the car yesterday I decided that discretion was the best route of action. I decided to heed the warning light on a radiator that I knew wasn't short on fluid.

We have been having -12 degrees and lower over the past couple of days. Therefore I guessed that I have a frozen car and didn't want to kill the water pump.
Luckily Daughter lives over the road from a garage.

So I've been sitting here for nearly four hours, granted in the warm and dry, wondering when they will get around to mine and what the damage will be- actual and financial.

I suppose it would have been too cold to fire the kiln today anyway (gas bottles outside) but I need to get that kilnfull bisqued and glazed.


English Rider said...

We are never so well served as by ourselves.

soubriquet said...

My sympathies.
I suppose the garage had a lot of other calls. I hate waiting like that though... wondering if its done yet, but don't want to rile them by asking too often....

We have one near work. My boss went to school with the two proprietors. They're well meaning but, prone to fibs.
"Kevin, I'm just ringing to check if it's ready to pick up?" "Oh, it's just on the ramp now".
Amd I've just gone by in the works van, and the car's exactly where I left it, seven hours ago.
Of course, I know that when i ring at ten to five, Kevin will say, without a trace of shame "The parts people sent the wrong bearing, I'll have to keep it overnight".