Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Packing continued this morning, in beautiful sunny cloudy weather.

As soon as we finished for lunch the clouds hid the mountain tops and started oozing down.

This afternoon saw the shop/gallery/business centre of Taste for Enterprise open officially in Ebbw Vale. You could say it was a waste of time...but it could be useful, making onesself known, showing one's face et cetera.

Back home in the dark and wet with people not dipping headlights and others with too bright headlights...aaargh!!

I have no inspiration for supper , but need to eat.

Then I can make some more clay animals and knit a bit for the Twins(if I can stay is worse than reading- you drop off and stab yourself with a needle!!)


Hawthorn said...

Ha ha, you made me snort at your self imposed knitting-napping injury! Take up crochet - the pointy bit isn't so, um, well pointy!
Yes the weather here too has been murky and wet and foggy with people driving with their fog lamps on full, blinding all other drivers in the process.

Marie said...

trust me -- nodding off with the knitting is painful .. been there and done that!