Monday, 15 November 2010

recession (3)

Today I have been reducing my outgoings even further, realizing that I was paying for a breakdown service in with my ordinary car insurance! I topped it up to the get-you-home variety for an extra £19 a year.
So the insurance that saved me £8 a month, has now saved me another £10 a month as I have just cancelled my other breakdown service! Thankyou NFU!!

Now to think what to cut next. I buy the weekend papers (on subscription, so saving about 20%) but I could read them online....not the same though.

I threw ten eggcups this afternoon. Even with added sand, Potclays 1142 feels a bit gloopy. I throw with slip not water, but I still had them rippling and collapsing in no time. I cut one in half, and it wasn't any thinner than I usually throw.

I don't think the cold workshop helps!! We had a fairly hard frost last night, and after a clear sunny day the temperature is dropping fast again.


Linda Starr said...

With winter drawing near, I'm going back to making some beans and rice in the slow cooker with tomatoes, this we can eat for almost a week very inexpensively.

gz said...

I'd do the rice fresh every time- I wouldn't keep cooked rice or pasta more than a day.
I always do a big pot of curry or tomato and veggies sauce and freeze individual portions of what is left in shallow freezer boxes. Fits better into the freezer and takes less time/energy to defrost!