Wednesday, 10 November 2010

not entirely a bad day

Saw these little ponies on the way to Abergavenny!
Wicket open...
My pots from the front stack
and those from the rear stack, with some cracking bowls and good glaze tests.
I need to re mix the shino that crawled, and check which tests to do bigger batches.
The blue glaze on the porcelain beaker on the right of the first photo definitely deserves a bigger batch. The colanders could easily go with no glaze atall and just rely on the salt. Less work too!!
I checked a few of Mountain Man's ponies on the way home.

They put a few spoilt pots into perspective! At least I can sell them from a "Bargains" box!!

The weather has been beautiful today, warm and sunny although still freezing in the shadows.
Three days of cold ,wet and windy weather are forecast.

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