Sunday, 14 November 2010


Yesterday's sunset. I didn't see today's sunrise, as the valleys were full of flowing mist as Mountain Man checked his stock in the sun!

The allotments are to wet to do anything much, so I collected a carload (in bags!) of Pony Poo!!
Just think of next year's onions!!!! I'll be collecting a few more loads to spread and to stack for next year.
I took Mountain Man back home after lunch. Too wet to garden, too cold and wet underfoot to walk miles checking ponies, plus the breeze on the mountain is decidedly chill.

Then what to do? The heater The Carpenter bought yesterday has only two bulbs working so has to go back. So no warm workshop today. The central heating has an airlock, so the house is cold too (but not icy!)

Turn the oven on low, warm the kitchen and.....
Have fun!

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