Tuesday, 16 November 2010

day off! (sort of...)

Last night I gently cooked 4 pounds of sloes with 6 ponds of apples with just enough water to cover. That sat in a jellybag and dripped overnight, so while the plumber investigated the boiler and rads, I made a dozen pots of jelly, sieved a mound of pulp then seven pots of apple and sloe cheese!

It was a beautiful sunny day down here and up there...but down here couldn't be seen from up there as the mountain was wearing a scarf of misty cloud!

Lunch with Mountain Man, (takeaway chips!!!!) followed by the council inspection of the allotments. I think we passed muster!

By four o'clock the sun had gone behind the mountain and mist was rising above the allotments, so it was time to take my man home to feed his dogs then himself.

Driving back down that road by myself is so hard to do.

Baked potatoes for supper (I know, potatoes again- but they are of my own growing)

Then more knitting for the Twins


herhimnbryn said...

Sounds like a good day...apart from driving home without him. But like Katherine Hepurn said maybe, 'men and women should not live together, but next door to each other.'

ps. That looks ike a very touchable pot.

gz said...

perhaps I should ask if he'd put a caravan for me next to his, and another shed for my workshop!!