Monday, 18 February 2013


This road was being prepared for a new "seal"...tar and chippings...often the surface is scraped off and chewed up and "graded" with a layer of chippings, which the traffic helps to compact before it is sealed.  This was obviously a quick fix!!
The speed limit is 30k, after a bit that is increased to 50k.  Normal maximum speed is 100k on the open road, 70k at the edge of town and 50k closer in.
However as I found, not all of these fellows observe the limits on fresh seal....
mind you, they do look like REAL trucks!!!

A few k further on across the ashfield my windscreen on the van was hit by a chip thrown up by a speeding lorry. You could feel the whole screen move and I don't know how it didn't crack or shatter.

This isn't a road I'd take when cycling as I try and avoid most State Highways.
Newer ones do have a shoulder a metre or more wide, but this is unpredictable.
Even then the trucks do suck you in towards them.    The shoulder is also used when you are being overtaken in a move over to make it easier for the overtaker.

Bridges generally don't have any shoulder so the road narrows on most bridges.

There is no fence at the side of the ditch and it seems that it is your responsibility not to fall in it!!   If there is a fence, it WILL be an electric fence as cattle are set to graze the verges....and it WILL be turned on!!
  I think it is really the attitude of self reliance and looking after yourself.

 UK "Health and Safety" would have nightmares here!!  -Perhaps H&S have gone too far and people expect too much to be done for them?  I don't know.

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Relatively Retiring said...

Quite a few of my NZ family have had very bad accidents. On country roads it seems that traffic is so sparse that there can be a panic at unmarked cross roads, and, as you say, no barriers on mountain sides.
Take as much care as possible.