Wednesday, 6 February 2013

the week so far

The rain came,  LOTS of it!!  Just when we needed six more dry days....

Then it eased off a little, the mountain bikers were happy because a sandy course needs water and we did our 1.5 k time trial. ( I was the fastest woman of the six who turned up!)
It was the anticlockwise run of the Cemetery Circuit in Whanganui.   Motorbikes ride this (with a closed road!) clockwise and the record is under 50 seconds!!
I did just over 3 minutes, as it was rather wet and slippy underwheel! We all stayed upright, which was good.
Yesterday the rain stopped and the sun rose on a chilly morning.
We joined a group ride, 25 of us for a gentle 30km.
Then a rest before the Straight Line Sprint competition on grass- and 200 metres looks far longer in a straight line!
I won my age group in a decent time, so I'm happy!!


Barbara Rogers said...

Congrats! By the way, I tried switching my comment settings on my blog, and it wouldn't let me comment or even sign into my blog all day. Drat. Just some days this computer stuff seems so difficult. I'm really glad to hear about an athlete at that moment. (You)

red dirt girl said...

Congratulations biker chik :) !!

I'm not a huge fan of word verification either - for the same reasons. They require me to put on my reading glasses, which don't work when I am actually reading your posts. Blogger has done a credible job of catching spam comments for me. But I still have to delete them from my email inbox.

Good Luck!