Monday, 4 February 2013


I've had a few comments over the years about the difficulty of word verification, especially with the latest changes.

I've found by accident that you only need to type in the word......and if I can't read one, I just click to get a new one until I find one I can read!

I thought of removing it, but 1. I'm wary.....and 2. I can't find the place to change it!!!

So for now, it stays....and just leave a pebble in the pool if you don't comment...((o))

(thanks to Zhoen for the inspiration) it is nice to see where you are all from.


Kerry O'Gorman said...

hi Gwynneth...yes I did see Rima's post from your blog and let her know about mine...same wavelength I suppose! I don't think the house is in the book because it's not so tiny. cheers!

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

Since I'm the one who asked you to remove it, I'll speak up one more time. There is still moderation available without Word Verification, under blogger. And I did chase down how to remove it, because others asked me to, and said there was still enough spam detection that it would catch problems. So far that's been true for me. Instructions? From the blog "dashboard" chose settings, and look under them for "Posts and Comments" Scroll down and under moderation chose "always". Keep going and under Show Word Verification chose "no",
I will continue to read your blog anyway. Thanks for sharing.

smartcat said...


Zhoen said...

I have done very well without WV, by jumping on spam quickly - marking it through blooger's tool. I figure if I have a problem, I can always turn it on again for a while. These things tend to run in phases.

jffollies said...

Well I have been reading your blog for ages and after 5 or more attempts at verification I give up.So many blogs I would like to comment on and really like are too hard to comment on.I do love following your adventures.

Relatively Retiring said...

WV is a moody so and so - sometimes it allows any old word, upper or lower case......and now it won't let me leave this comment!

Relatively Retiring said...

Oh, now it will if you approve!

soubriquet said...

xzoargh 22

splanish 765

45 gromboolian

Mouse said...

Word verification is a pain

I only use it so that I can stop mean comments from being published but now I have removed the captcha

Her's a pebble (0):-)

gz said...

before the last changes the "words" were getting interesting and fun- not always "real" words, but some should have been!!
Looks like it it getting back up to speed again!!