Friday, 31 January 2014

busy getting nowhere..

and no job.  You understand why you no longer get acknowledgements for applications and they rarely say if you haven't got the job.   It is disheartening.

The Pirate carries on with his hormone treatment...the side effects suck, but it means he'll get his  life Summer 2016...better that than none...

A decent night's sleep would be a help...

Radio therapy will be hopefully in April and May- seven and a half weeks of five days a week, 20 minutes a day zapping. He is, therefore, back on his bike, mainly on the track, to get fit enough to be zapped!!

We're busy scratching our heads to find an chance of a workshop yet. I've been offered part of a cold, damp asbestos shed-thanks but no thanks!! So keep on hunting...all I need is  a small disused cowshed like Hannah!!

I've started looking back at my old drawing books- I've half a dozen here, of the fortyfive year's worth..

I'm working on producing cards..and going back to lino printing, something I really enjoyed way back when.

I'm not moving away from potting, but you have to create SOMETHING!!!! It will come in handy as I'll be able to make items  to go with the pots when I'm selling.

Meanwhile, a few garden jobs have appeared, despite the weather..and today we have had freezing weather, then snow, followed by yet more rain (as if we hadn't had enough already!)

 Glasgow Velodrome
 Him up a ladder
 Sunset over Straiton last!!

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petoskystone said...

Best luck with the job hunting!