Friday, 3 January 2014

lunch out!

Yesterday we had a walk on Gress beach, then lunch in Stornaway with Mrs.Boxes and Bellows and E, and Mr. Windy of Windy Wanderings.  The Bridge cafe is to be highly recommended!
It was a joy as well to meet up with a fellow blogger, and also to recognise him from when we both raced on outdoors hard velodromes an age ago!

We walked down to the beach from the village again- it changes all the time.
It refreshes and recharges both of us and put me in mind of the poem my father used to quote, which was adapted one might say by other little airmen....and sanitized a little for general consumption, with apologies (I think) to John Masefield...
" I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and sky.... I left my pants and socks there.... I wonder if they're dry?" !!!!

After supper The Crofter came to visit and talk...and was a good evening, but after a late night and with today's wind and rain, we're going to have a quiet day, with a walk to the beach if there is a break in the weather.

We're having much talking and thinking about the future, both near and far. Not just for the Pirate but for myself and both of us.
 Something it is easier to do when one is away from home base, but still with friends. Trying to dispel worries and be positive and not to dwell on unknowns.

It'll be a long day tomorrow, up early for the 7am ferry....


Shaheen said...

Safe journey for tomorrow, Just wanted to say Happy New Year to the both of you and I hope your settling in to your new home.

Hawthorn said...

Planning things for the future can cause trepidation, but it is also exciting. If you have some one special to plan with - then it is worth it - safe journey home x