Sunday, 5 January 2014

the club hut

Last week, before our Trip to Tolsta , I made soup......lots of it...

The tub emerged from the freezer last night...and seemed hardly defrosted by the morning!  All was not lost and The Pirate took the carfull of food to the club hut of the Ayr Roads Cycling Club.

The club hut used to be almost the summer HQ of the club at one time, with stove, kitchen equipment and supplies, woodburner, clothes drying rack, maps and reading material.    It has just had a new roof so the Annual Club Bash to the club hut-about 35 miles South of Ayr- celebrated this.

I rode down with our friend GC and we arrived just as the rain came down.  
In all, we had twenty two steaming cyclists in the hut...we could have fitted two or three more in, but only just!    All were treated to soup, tattie scones, bread, cake of all sorts and plenty of tea!
A toast was drunk, a wee dram each from a bottle that had survived the journey by bike from Ayr...including being dropped on the road!   

                                                          getting the spread ready
                                                                   my bike!
                                                               GC, battling with zip
                                                           soup and kettle ready
                                                 view from the club hut
                                                                the workhorse  

           All the best for 2014...and may we all be back here in 2015 to celebrate !

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Relatively Retiring said...

That looks wonderful!
May you both have lots to celebrate this time next year.