Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Year's Eve in North Tolsta

 a dry start to the day, thankfully
 Stornoway harbour
 Stornoway castle. When Lord Leverhulme offered the Island of Lewis to the people who lived here, in 1923, only Stornoway accepted...hence the Trust which cares for the castle and grounds.
 He had tried to regenerate the herring industry on the lines of his Port Sunlight project on the Wirrall, but tried to bring the crofting system to an end.  When the government brought in crofts for returning servicemen after 1919, he decided to leave.
 looking towards the town across the harbour
 through the gates for a walk
 rhodedendron ponticum being cleared in the castle grounds so that the trees will regenerate
 a walk around the back streets of the town

 and watching the boat coming in...10 out of 10 for parking!!

 Then we had rain and sun and wind
 and sunlight on the clouds as we awaited the bus home
 now this, miss Hetty shows us, is the most sensible place to be on a day like this!
 but we just thought, one more walk....
 down towards the beach again...
 and a reward of another beautiful sunset

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The Barefoot Crofter said...

I am so sorry I missed you. Kind of guessing you might be back again though - the place seeps into your soul xx