Monday, 20 January 2014


 This morning...sun over here, and rain over there....
we've had everything today, thankfully with enough dry to get some work done outside....   but not enough to trust putting the washing on the line!

The day has finished, clear and cold....and the woodburner sulked for two hours before deigning to burn!!


Sandy miller said...

Woodburner is working hard here in Ohio. But your green is lovely to see other than white, white, white :)

Trish said...

HI Gwynneth. I was just catching up on some earlier posts you made, and yes, we, here in Alberta are so looking forward to more light in the day. In fact, yesterday we noted that at 5:20 it was still light!, so Spring is on its' way. Keep looking towards the light in all you are dealing with at the moment. Also, I am so enjoying your photos of Scotland.
Take care. Trish from Alberta