Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Slow progress

 Checking back on the frogs to be...

Hoping the herons don't find them!

It was a better day, but very windy, so we kept to the shelter of trees and hedges on Monday.

Despite the cold wind, a little sun brings things along.

 And it has been so cold...other places have had snow, we have just had at least five degrees of windchill!!

It really saps energy...add a shopping trip on Tuesday and I got little done!

One achievement....after having been given a carrier bagful of wild Garlic....

Pesto!!!! I made it vegan, using nutritional yeast flakes instead of cheese... good to have a great recipe, and some in the freezer too, when vegan friends and family visit.


kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Please can you share the vegan Pesto (pretty please) the wild garlic is coming up in our garden and I would love to make it :)

Steve Reed said...

Oh, that wild garlic pesto looks amazing. As for the frogs, I guess the herons need to eat too -- but yeah, I hope at least some of them squeak through. :)