Friday, 15 October 2021

First frost

 For the first time this year the car was well frosted..just when we needed to be on time for pirate's dentist appointment!!

Then we took a doll's House to a charity shop , indulged in a cuppa and cookie in our favourite bookshop cafe, before collecting my work from the Gallery in Ayr high street. Next week the space will be beds and bedding! 

There is a possibility of another exhibition before christmas, and hopefully we can get the group of artists involved in this one.

Then a walk on the Lang Scots Mile with some foraging for rosehips..there are plenty of Rosa Rugosa growing on the dunes and they are easy to use to make cordial

This afternoon I cleared away the pea haulms and prepared the bed ready for the onion sets that we bought on the way home.

After this morning's frost the sun was beautifully warm and brought out a butterfly to sun itself on the shed.


MrsL said...

First frost down here last night too :)

Joanne Noragon said...

Sounds a lovely day, dicey start notwithstanding.

Catalyst said...

Is that seacoast close to where you live?

smartcat said...


Zhoen said...


Steve Reed said...

A painted lady! I don't think I've seen any of those all year. Amazing that one is still out in frosty weather!

gz said...

Cat, about twelve miles away.
Steve loads of them hibernate in the house..get a room warm and they flutter around so I move them to the coldest room so that they survive Winter instead of using up all their energy