Thursday, 21 October 2021


 Still working through the list... fleabay holiday set, one sale posted.

Crabapple and rosehip jelly made, pulp being sieved. One batch of apple juice to be done.

So many things to do and some I haven't even touched yet...

I planted the garlic and red onions...might leave the brown onions until Spring when there should be more room.

The weather is playing yo-yo, warm and wet one day then frosty and dry the next, but we should expect that, living on the edge of a continent as we do!

We had a spectacular sunset the other night with breathtaking colours.

I should be going out on the bike with Pirate...but if I do, nothing will get done , or things will get done rushed and spoiled. 

Hopefully life will be a little easier when he has done with racing and we can just ride our bikes to enjoy the countryside and for doing errands like shopping and posting.


MrsL said...

Lovely sunset photos :)

kjsutcliffe said...

I still have to plant the garlic - it is on my to do list - but by the end of each day - I've not managed yet!

Joanne Noragon said...

Beautiful, gorgeous sunset. And then t was done.

Debby said...

I am afraid that I will not get my fall planting done. (I've added garlic to my list, thanks). A job really does get in the way of living, sometimes.