Friday, 22 October 2021

The price of things

 Another day for drying, and just a few slight showers...we finish off the drying and airing on a rack by a dehumidifier...I don't want a damp house!

The apple juice had its final pressing in  the morning then stood all day to settle as much of the fine particles as possible.

After lunch we had a couple of errands before buying petrol for the car. Another price rise, nearly £1.40 a litre.  That brought back a memory of buying petrol in New Zealand in early 2013... at $1.42...then returning to Scotland where it was £1.42, twice the price.

So fuel at this price is nothing new.

Prices are creeping up quickly though....I bought a pack of four ripe figs, what they were full price recently.  It isn't a surprise, with what has happened in recent years.  I have always kept an eye on the reduced items, but now even more so. Our pensions may rise...but I get the feeling that many things are rising faster. We are being very careful how we heat the house now, and what power we use at home, even more than usual.

We delivered a birthday card and bunch of flowers to a friend who has her 86th birthday on Sunday. She arrived back from taking a friend's dog for a long walk...and the dog will be 10 on Sunday!

It was good to have a catch up and meet another dog! Her dog died a little while ago and she has found that she cannot live without a dog in her life! Unfortunately the only dogs needing rehoming at the moment are large dogs and young dogs, so she makes do with Archie..who enjoys her company too!

Back home to watch the Track Cycling World Championships on TV, from Roubaix- quite a change from the mud of Paris Roubaix recently!!

Now I have bottled the apple juice, eight bottles, and am processing it so that it will keep. We are still drinking last year's juice and it is still perfect.


kjsutcliffe said...

We've noticed prices are definitely a little frisky - and not in a good way😕

Joanne Noragon said...

Prices climb the world around, I'm sure, except maybe China. I wonder what they do.

Susan Heather said...

I just looked up our petrol price at Gull (the cheapest I think) and for 91 it is $2.21 so gone up a lot. We get a petrol discount through our power company which helps.

Everything going up in price the world over.

Zhoen said...

There will come a time when we only adopt very elderly cats.

I'm trying not to worry too much about retirement poverty, as long as we have our house. Still, it sits there in the back of my head.

Steve Reed said...

I imagine it's quite nice to be able to "borrow" a dog when needed!